Reduced prices! POWER COMMANDER 5 E12-009 CONTROL UNIT FOR BMW F 800 R/S 2007/2014, F 800 ST 2007/2014 View Enlarged

POWER COMMANDER 5 E12-009 CONTROL UNIT FOR BMW F 800 R/S 2007/2014, F 800 ST 2007/2014


Power Commander 5 is the new control unit that Dynojet has designed for applications on the latest models, with different characteristics to the Power Commander III

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Additional Power Commander 5 injection unit by Dynojet.

The Power Commander 5 control unit allows you to change the quantity of fuel sent to the injectors, optimizing the stoichiometric ratio and therefore improving engine performance, in terms of torque and power output.

Technical features:

- Small size (59 x 81 x 16 mm), 100% waterproof

- CAN-BUS data transmission protocol, which improves communication speed and simplifies wiring and connections between devices

- Storage of two different maps in the control unit, with selection function while driving. If you use the AutoTune function, the map selector will allow you to switch from the preloaded "base" map to the "AutoTune Live" mode and vice versa. In this way the user will be able to check the differences between the two settings while driving (NOTE: optional map selector and not included in the package).

- Input predisposition from sensor engaged gear, or speed. It allows you to vary the map according to the gear engaged, or the driving speed. It is therefore possible to differentiate the fuel and advance maps, as well as for each individual cylinder, also according to the gear engaged (e.g. 6 gears, 4 cylinders -> 24 fuel management tables)

- Quickshifter predisposition. Thanks to the gear/speed input, it is also possible to set the specific cutting time of the quickshifter (optional) when switching between each gear. The control unit also recognizes the last gear (for example sixth gear) and prevents unnecessary power cut in the event of further operation of the gear lever.

- Analog input predisposition: allows you to install a 0-5 volt sensor and program a map of variations on inputs related, for example, to the pressure in the air-box, turbo pressure, or operating temperature.

- Allows variations, compared to the basic fuel settings, from -100% to + 250%

- Pick-up pump function with wide adjustment possibilities and on multiple sensitivity levels

- Programming screen with gas opening range divided into 10 columns

- Connection to PC via USB socket

As an option, the LCD display is available for recording all operating data including any connected lambda probes. It will then be possible to acquire all the operating data (map used, fuel/advance corrections, vehicle speed, 0-5v input, gear engaged, air/fuel ratio, etc.) and subsequently download them to the computer. The memory limit is given exclusively by the capacity of the SD Memory Card that is used.

The LCD Display also allows you to store the maps on the SD Memory Card and send them to the PCV at any time, even with the engine running and without using a computer.

It is possible to implement the PCV with the additional AutoTune module which allows the automatic reading and correction of the fuel map in real time. The AutoTune kit is supplied complete with a Wide Band linear lambda probe with high data transmission speed. With AutoTune it is possible to set the exact air/fuel ratio to be obtained on each individual cell of the map.

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