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Reduced prices! BMC AIR FILTER 114/04 FOR HONDA CBR 900 RR 1994/1999 View Enlarged

BMC AIR FILTER 114/04 FOR HONDA CBR 900 RR 1994/1999


Air filter with special cotton filter material soaked in low viscosity oil

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BMC high performance air filter, perfectly interchangeable with the original filter.

BMC filter features:

BMC filters (substitutes for the originals) are made of a multi-layer cotton fabric soaked in oil, inserted between two aluminum cross-linked structures which, treated with epoxy resin, are resistant to oxidation caused by fuel vapors and humidity air.

Filtering takes place thanks to the interception of impurities by the cotton fibers, through sieving and retention processes, and their capture by the oil. Thanks to the particular construction characteristics of the filter and the materials used, the filtering process retains foreign particles, ensuring maximum air flow to the air-box.

In addition to guaranteeing superior performance compared to the original filters, BMC filters do not require replacement at the expected mileage, but it is possible to regenerate the product with the specific maintenance kit (detergent liquid and spray lubricant, proposed at the bottom of this page in the " Related Products "), thus restoring the perfect efficiency of the filter.

BMC filters allow a 35% higher air flow than traditional paper filters, with obvious benefits in terms of the quality of the thermal performance of the engine.

Choosing a BMC cotton filter brings the following advantages:

-Better power delivery
-Better performance
-Longer engine life
-Reduction in consumption
-Saving money

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