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We only accept online orders.

The order entry is simple, fast, convenient and safe: you put the chosen products in the cart, simply by clicking the "Add to cart"button. You can always delete or add products to the cart, or change the quantities.

Once you have finished choosing products, clicking the "Check out"button takes you to the page where you want to enter your data. The next steps will allow you to choose the other parameters of the order, such as, for example, form of payment, delivery method, etc.

- the insertion is very simple and completes in a few minutes

- the form to be filled in is clear and orderly: the mandatory fields are reported and you do not risk forgetting data essential for the correct fulfillment of the order

- it is possible to do tests and tests, adding and removing items, to become familiar with the system

- in a completed order, you automatically receive, in your inbox, the order confirmation that summarizes all items (master data, payment method, products, prices, quantities and shipping costs)

- other emails may be sent to order delivery times and to report the fulfillment of the order, as soon as the goods have been delivered to the courier in charge of transporting

- Registered customers can access their order archive and check their status (accepted, prepared, shipped, etc.).